Ralph Tikerpae



Last updated: 31/05/24

I sculpt in a variety of media both subtractive and additive, but I particularly enjoy pre-loved metal and wood carving. My sculpture tries to pare images to a basic element or essence and has been called drawing in space. These metal sculptures explore the actions of humanity from social events to domestic farces. They include theatrical elements or icons where symbols become players on a stage. My work also combines elements of time and position overlapped with positive and negative elements.

I am not limited to one media and both paints and sculpts.  I  sculpt in both large and small scale. My large sculptures are frequently in recycled metal. I believe that my metal sculptures operate on different levels of the subconscious. I have always enjoyed the element of chance found within the construction of metal sculpture and believes in the resurfacing of past lives through an artist’s subconscious trance when creating art. In a similar way I hope that each viewer’s past experiences are awakened when they experience a piece of art work that connects with their past soul. I hope that when people see my art that they recognize something that they already subconsciously recognise. Something familiar but which had been forgotten.

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