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Last updated: 17/07/24

Handbuilt and wheel thrown, functional and decorative pottery, ceramics and sculptural pieces – Made by Angela H Champ in her pottery studio located in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Creating from her home studio,  Angela Champ produces aesthetic ceramic pieces and functional vessels, thoughtfully, in small batches.

Angela began her journey with clay out of an appreciation for the fired arts from the mid-century. In awe of the forms, tactile surface treatments and evocative hues.

Working predominantly with Australian made clay bodies, Angela’s wheel thrown pieces are worked and finished by hand. Each piece is handcrafted and unique with no two items being the same – embracing the beauty of handmade.

Angela works away in her studio most days, and at times throughout the night during those midnight hour kiln firings, on batches of wheel thrown, functional  and decorative ceramics.

She is passionate about hand built forms, textures and glaze finishes; with her work evolving through experimentation.

Angela is a member of TACA The Australian Ceramics Association and a volunteer of the Riverina’s Wagga Wagga Potters Club, where pottery techniques and results are celebrated within the potting community.

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