Dominique Sweeney



Last updated: 06/06/21

Dominique lectures in Stage and Screen Acting at Charles Sturt University. He is a filmmaker specialising in documenting performance practice. In particular he has been researching and filming traditional Aboriginal performances.

Dominique taught acting at Screenwise, Griffith Uni, ANU, UWS, Macquarie and Sydney Universities and at the St.Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. He taught and directed at Sydney Theatre School and worked as an Environmental Education Ranger in Centennial Park, Sydney. In 2012 Dominique devised and applied a drama program for autistic and multiple disability students at Wairoa school in Bondi. Dominique trained and works as a performer. His education included two years in Paris at L’ecole de Theatré, Jacques Lecoq. His performance work has seen him on stages, screen and other locations throughout Australia. Dominique is a core member and chair of the board of Theatre Kantanka, a company that specialize in site specific performance ( He also works with Fine Line, a Lecoq based ensemble.

Dominique has a B.Ed in drama/dance/philosophy from Deakin University (Rusden) and in 2001 received first class honours for his thesis entitled “‘Beyond the confines of the body…’ Are Waranggi masks or are masks part of what Waranggi are?”. Working, directing, devising and performing with masks led to his Ph.D. thesis and film at ANU entitled “masked corroborees of the northwest”. The thesis is grounded in northwest Australia looking at a range of corroborees that incorporate the use of masks. The research and film looks at performance objects that connect bodies to country, cultural knowledge and ancestors. Masks also reaffirm the political status of people in their country.

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