Create an account and a listing


Creating an account with Creative Riverina is easy. A valid email, phone number and contact name are the only mandatory items needed for registration. During the initial sign up, you will be asked to enter a username and password. This is your account for Creative Riverina, not your listing. Once you have created an account, click Create a Listing in the top menu to start a listing. You can have more than one listing connected to your account. For instance, if you are an independent artist and the owner of a performance venue, you can list these separately from your main account.

While creating a listing, you will be asked about your personal practice, community organisation, professional business or creative facility. Items including location, preferred contact details and website/social links will appear on your profile for public access. It is important to fill in as much information as possible to create a complete profile. Think of your listing as a digital business card: keep the words short and show off your work with beautiful images!

An incomplete or inactive profile may not receive much attention and will be deleted by Creative Riverina if inactive for 12 months.

Categories, tags and images

Listing categories and tags allow Creative Riverina members and visitors to search and browse through the directory. Categories are fixed, so please choose which ones best describe your situation. Tags are more specific and you can write in a maximum of five. For instance, if you are a professional photographer, your categories could be Photography and Visual Arts, while your tags could be Digital, Studio and Editorial. However you choose to describe your service will be how site visitors find you and identify how they may be able to utilise your services.

Image and/or video content is encouraged to offer a visual example of your work and activities. Please ensure that you have the relevant release and copyright information for the images on your listing. Also, high-resolution photos may slow down the site, so please resize your work to lower resolution for uploads. Lastly, links to your social accounts and/or website should be made available for further information and visual examples.

Note: Remember to check your content for spelling/grammar/typing errors!


Submit, then share your listing!

By submitting your listing you have agreed to Creative Riverina’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once you submit, check out your page! Make sure it looks the way you want it to look and browse through other profiles to get an idea of what others have on their listings.

To gather interest for your listing, you may wish to add the Creative Riverina logo to your website or social page. You can download it here. Also, remember to use the hashtag #creativeriverina to build up the creative calibre of our region.

*If you require a version of the logo in plain black or white please email a request from the email address listed in the Help section below.



Contact (02) 6921 6890 or [email protected] for assistance


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